Key Benefits

Zero Data Loss

Replix provides seamless replication of data across on-prem data centers, private and/or public clouds at any geographical distance. Save time & resources, minimize downtime & data loss, while driving business continuity.

Fully managed data service - Replix

No Vendor Lock-in

Replix prevents vendor dependency on CSPs and all block storage systems, reducing cost with smooth shifts of large scale data, leveraging business and cost flexibility


Real-Time Data Mobility
Across Clouds

Optimize operational efficiency for smooth, smart and real-time routing and cascading of data. Replix is the ideal solution for long distance data replication at minimal latency impact.

Transparent Installation

Untouched Underlying Data Vital foundational data of your enterprise cloud infrastructure stays intact, while Replix’ infrastructure level solution top of persistent storage.

Low latency at data tranfer procsseing

get the best response time from your network and data transfer and get results like never before

Replicate from any region - Replix

remove physical and geographical boundaries

centralize all of your servers at one physical point and reduce costs and maintenance