Use Cases

The Power of Our Solution in Action

Create business continuity environments anywhere,
anytime with guaranteed zero RPO for mission-critical
applications and databases

Create optimal business continuity environments in the
cloud in any location worldwide while still maintaining
zero data loss. Replix also provides reliable disaster
recovery and retention of valuable app or database
transactions, with zero-RPO replication of data and
existing storage infrastructure left untouched and intact.

Migrate existing applications from a private datacenter to the cloud (Cloud Application Mobility)

Replix saves enterprise IT professionals time and
resources, as our solution allows you to run your current
applications in the cloud as-is, no modifications
required and with minimal downtime during migration,
helping ensure operational efficiency and overall
business growth.

Enable virtually instant migration of applications and
data, plus cost-effective shifts in workloads between
CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) or geographical regions.

Replix deters cloud vendor lock-in and helps streamline
allocation of financial resources designated for CSPs,
with on-demand generation of analytics and staging
environments on any CSP worldwide.

Protect Valuable Data from Corruption and Ransomware

Replix equips users with reliable recovery of data by
rewinding volumes to any point in the past. Examine
past data states for insightful analytics, debugging or
forensic analysis to leverage safety of data from threats
like ransomware or corruption. With Replix, your data
complies with audit and cyber security requirements by
saving and accessing an immutable change log.